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Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Top 10 government jobs in India

A list of the top 10 government jobs in India was provided below. Interested candidates who want to know the highest paid government jobs in India can have a look at the post below. On our website, we have given the best government jobs in India in terms of most respected, desirable, and also in demand.

There is no one in India who was not attracted to the government job. Whenever the opportunities arose every candidate want to make use of it. With the IT field emerging slightly in the past few years but the demand over government jobs has not faded away.

Many government organizations provides various job roles based on their education like graduation, engineering, degree, MBA, MCA, after 12thand 10th also. It was all in the hands of candidates whether to make it or not.

Many government organizations like UPSC, SSC, state-wise PSC, railways, defense, army, police, PSU and colleges provide a number of opportunities to the candidates.

There are many websites which alert candidates immediately after the notification from a government organization arises.

The main advantages behind a government job –

  • High pay scales
  • Flexible work hours
  • Amenities
  • Job security
  • Pension after retirement
  • Compassionate appointments to your family member

Highest paid government jobs in India

For those who were new to the culture of government job or those who were not completely aware of this should know some basic facts and figures about the government jobs. The doubt that would rise in ever one’s mind and most searched question i.e. what are the top 10 government jobs in India? You are now in a right place to find the answer to this question. We have given a list of highest-paid government jobs in India below for the candidates who were researching it on the internet.

With the involvement of the 7th pay commission in India, the perks and salaries of a government employee will take a huge turn in terms of the best government jobs in India. If you are more interested in being respected or overwhelmed with the social status then you should also check out the most respected government jobs in India.

For the year 2020, the real government jobs which were most opted and most searched on the internet were listed out and prepared as most desirable government jobs in India. Many more details about the top government jobs in demand were given below.

Best government jobs in India

Indian administrative service (IAS)

    • Most esteemed jobs in our country. Facilities, privileges, health benefits, and more were being granted. It was not easy to become an IAS officer as it includes severe preparation and hard work. A complete department, district, or an organization will be in the safe hands of this officer.

Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

    • Officers here have to deal with income tax. You can get promoted from assistant Commissioners to chief Commissioners of income tax. When compared to IAS officer the hassle with political leaders (Only in India) will be less effective here.

Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

    • You have to deal with officials from other countries and you have an opportunity to work with them. A lot of knowledge can be gained. You have to work under the ministry of home affairs. You can expect some mouth-watering salaries for this post.

Indian Police Service

    • Most respected job roles after IAS officer. You have to operate a particular cadre of employees and work for both state and central governments if possible. Promotions and transfers to various departments will be very often.

Public sector unit (PSU)

    • Technical or non-technical jobs at PSU’s like HAL, BEL, ONGC, sail and many more have some extra life. The organization itself provides incentives to the employees. It is not so difficult as with some extra effort to your knowledge you can easily get into these organizations.

Engineer at Indian railways

    • Being an engineer at the largest employed organization will improve your skill. You have to operate 1000 workers every day under your name. Civil, mechanical, electrical and ECE departments were available. If you have an engineering degree then go for it without any doubt.

State public service commission

    • Many respected state-wise posts in police and government departments will be done through this. You can enjoy all the state government benefits here in these jobs. Fancy salaries were also allotted here.


    • The government will consider your hard work and treat you as most respected man in society too. You can also get benefits after your retirement. The government will provide every facility to your family members. Lifestyle, class, money, prestige in organizations like CDS, Navy, air force, and the army will be high.

Bank PO

    • A dream job for all those who choose banking as their career option. Even though the work schedule was a bit hectic but the salaries and incentives at the public sector and private sector banks will attract candidates.

Lecturer in a government institute

    • Most flexible job in terms of working hours and salaries. You can work in your free time and more interestingly you will not have any retirement for teaching. Salaries were also increased for this role in recent years.


    • We have to include this in our list as it was the most difficult and unknown job role for many candidates. Appreciations only come after achievements. You can choose this as your career option once your graduation was completed.

Government Doctors

  • Last but not least as we should not forget the service of these doctors in remote and rural areas. It has some flexible working hours and for their service, they are rewarded with some high salaries.

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